audra the make-up artist
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audra's photo Audra is an exceptionally gifted Make-Up Artist who has a strong passion for her art. She creates a picture perfect look for each individual client.

Along with her artistic talents, Audra is extremely health oriented, concerned about the environment and organically inclined.  She strongly believes that what you consume affects not only the physical condition of the body, but the overall appearance of the skin. Audra says, “if you eat well, you radiate beauty.” She feels that “beauty does come from within, and with the proper make-up applied correctly, it only enhances that natural beauty.”  Because Audra is highly aware of the negative effects of chemicals, she predominately uses organic and Paraben free products, ensuring the wellness of her clients.   

Audra is happy to share her own personal ideas on proper eating habits, as well as her many health oriented tips.  Of course, Audra also provides the best regime of skin care and organic cosmetics most suited for each client’s exclusive radiant look of beauty.

After a session with Audra, clients not only look beautiful, they radiate confidence, whether their look is flawlessly natural, or dramatically exotic.  It’s definitely a win-win situation for both Audra and her client, as her innate talent, uplifting and friendly manner wins her repeat customers time and time again!

Making an appointment with Audra is not only a wise step, but one radiant step closer to that overall beauty, and doesn't every girl deserve that!


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